As I drank tea in my crowded Muslim neighborhood I thought once again about the unbelievable statistics that define Turkey. One of the largest unreached nations on earth (Operation World) with over 78 million people and only  5,000 Evangelical Believers in Christ who were from a Muslim background.

I thought,  How do we soften the spiritual ground for church planters and local believers sharing the good news? How do we enable spiritual conversations? How do we engage people where they’re at without raising barriers ? What can we do to get people going to the Bible for answers?” It was out of this heartbreak that God birthed JESUS TO TURKS MEDIA

JESUS TO TURKS MEDIA is producing dramatic Kingdom themed, thought-provoking films that are ideal for viewing on mobile devices and sharing via social media.

Gospel media is a catalyst in the start of church planting movements. The internet is the new distribution point for such a catalyst!