Born out of Desperation

Turkey: A Sad Fact

08n080229_TURKEYA Tragic Statistic: 78 million Muslim Turks & only 5,000 believers in Christ (1 in 15,000) from a former Islamic background. These lost people, LOVED by God, need to see that our Lord Jesus is not just a prophet that lived 2000 years ago, irrelevant to their lives today. But how can they be engaged in a creative way that doesn’t raise barriers? How can they see that Jesus meets real needs in miraculous ways, right now? How can they be exposed to the Living Word? Introducing …

Jesus of Istanbul: the internet TV series!

The entire 4 Gospels – brought to life in what we hope will be a 30 hour dramatic series set in 21st century Turkey! Jesus is teaching, healing, and delivering modern day Turks. The living Lord bringing truth and the Kingdom of God. Running along side the Gospel narrative are Turks dealing with life issues looking desperately for a solution. Others are challenged by the words of Christ as his teachings penetrate their lives. What’s more, giving the audience bite size pieces of truth in each episode enables them to digest what they’ve seen and heard and apply it to their lives. This “taste and see that the Lord is good” approach is the best way to engage our Muslim friends.