In Production

DSCF0298Thanks to your gift
s and prayers we finished shooting the  FIRST 2 HOURS of the series.  ( These first 2 hours will also be released as  a feature length film.) The Lord’s hand was clearly present. Post production funding has come in, the release date is JANUARY 2016
This first film brings Turks face to face with the amazing  STORY OF JESUS’ BIRTH.  Woven in with the familiar Gospel story but taking place in modern day Turkey.  Mary,   Elizabeth, and Zechariah find themselves exploring the Old Testament and discovering the prophecies concerning the Christ.

In addition Mary, a young woman with a passion for God, is a role model for young  adults looking for a deeper meaning to life and a greater relationship with God than what they’ve been allowed to believe. We had a Turkish Co-Producer,  over 30 Turkish actors and a technical crew of 10.   We also had a local Turkish Church praying for & helping with  the production where we’re  shooting. We want to touch millions of lives.  Would you consider donating so we can make more episodes?>?  Thanks!